Five high school students, who have been life-long friends, have been given an English/History assignment for the end of the school year. It was decided to do their assignment on the Civil War era and how the people lived in the middle of a war. They knew they wouldn’t have a live soldier, who had been in the Civil War as a reference, but that’s when one of the boys in the group told them his cousin, who lives in the North Georgia mountains, had made a time-machine. The others, while skeptical, finally decided they could, at least, look at this machine. What they saw when going to see the home-made time-machine was beyond belief as they gazed at what the cousin had made. The cousin told them he made it for a joke, and the high school students had no plan to go inside the strange contraption until they heard a scary noise making them run inside to hide from the odd noise. That’s when their adventure of a lifetime began as they learned a valuable lesson from long ago.


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A Lesson Long Ago

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