Alice was a bright young girl with a promising future in front of her as an aspiring future Supreme Court justice. But then on October 31, 2000 she is in a car accident and finds herself in a coma. 20 years later to the day on October 31, 2020 she wakes up to a very different and changed world. At first thought to have been suffering brain damage as a result of her coma, she begins relating to her doctors and family how during those 20 years she was fully conscious and experiencing an alternate timeline where most of the disasters of the last 20 years had not taken place, but all the while having flashbacks about this reality that she couldn’t have known otherwise. And not only that she claims that there are other beings that are watching all realities, a dark force that feeds on fear, hatred and confusion that is trying to conquer all realities, and she is worried that if we don’t do something to stop it it will consume this reality as well.

This and seven other stories about how the strangeness and craziness of the last 20 years, socially and politically, have led to sort of a warped reality that we all now seem to inhabit.


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Alice in Crazy Land

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