Eight cousins travel to the state of Louisiana to their annual vacation together with light hearts and hopes of fun and adventure. After arriving at their destination, the lady at the desk of the luxury resort told the cousins they were sorry, but they had overbooked, and could put them in the mansion at the edge of the property. The ladies were told they could still do all the activities at the resort, so it would be okay with them. The cousins were not disappointed, because they had never been in a mansion that big, and they would have fun no matter where they were. One thing they didn’t know was it had been told the mansion was haunted. That didn’t concern the cousins because they didn’t believe in such things. They knew the staff at the mansion would have things set up to scare their guests, but they were tough and could take it. The new people they met were colorful and fun, and the activities they participated in were just what they needed. It was all going well until two people were shot and carried out on a stretcher from the dining room while eating dinner. This had happened two nights in a row, and no one knew who would be next. Could the mansion really be haunted?


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Haunted Holiday

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