Imagine inheriting tender letters from a renowned historical figure addressed to one of your ancestors.

Making sense of such a gift ignited the genealogical investigation that Daniel Fallon records in this book.

Love’s Legacy chronicles Fallon’s search for hidden meaning in two notes sent to his great-great-grandfather in 1817 by famous French writer François-René deChateaubriand. Woven into the rich fabric of this work are elements making it much more than a suspenseful detective story. It is an intimate biography of Chateaubriand, a story of forbidden love, fraught with passion and tragedy, and a memoir, recounting Fallon’s discoveries as he pieces together his ancestry, governed by a legacy rooted in a star-crossed encounter of long ago.

Captivating and deeply humane, Love’s Legacy portrays the surprising impact people’s lives can have on those born centuries later. As clever as it is wise, this book reveals how the recovery of the past awakens an awareness of inherited gifts that transcend genealogy.


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Love’s Legacy: Viscount Chateaubriand and the Irish Girl

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