When four fun-loving Southern ladies hit the road to attend a teaching conference in Savannah, Georgia, they hope that the week will be one to remember. It turns out they’re right-but not for the reasons they all imagine. In their lives, most things they face are mundane-what to make for lunch, how to make the kids pay attention in class, and how to work with the school’s budget committee. They all jumped at the chance to get away. For Debra, Ashley, Brianna, and Mary Sue, this is a working vacation, one where they’ll all learn a little and laugh a lot. It’s a chance to live the good life for a few days. They all love the luxury of their conference hotel-especially the view. So when one of them suggests an evening drive across that spectacular bridge they admire from their rooms, they hit the road again. But these teachers have missed the lesson about being prepared: they soon find themselves stranded on a dark country road. Debra offers to save the day, so she grabs a gas can and heads boldly into the darkness. But when Debra doesn’t come back, the threesome must now work together to solve the mystery. Rich with local color, laughter, drama, and more, this thrilling adventure of everyday people trapped in an extraordinary experience is a little slice of lives lived loud and proud.


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Midnight Struggle

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