Set in a near future dystopian world where the existence of vampires has been proven. Vampires are now the new scapegoated minority to blame all of society’s problems on, with people afraid to go out at night for fear of the slight possibility of running into a vampire. But as the vampire population grows and people’s paranoia about the vampire menace begins to grow, the people in power want to exploit this fear for political gain. In this world we meet Alex, a 200-year-old immortal vampire in a world where most vampires are new and young, and a bunch of his young vampire hoodlums who go around causing chaos, rape, murder and mayhem. However after Alex is apprehended as a dangerous vampire he will be forced to undergo the Van Helsing method, a form of brainwashing and conditioning that will render him incapable of feeding on people and drinking their blood, and also make him vulnerable to all of his many enemies of the past in this vampire-based parody of A Clockwork Orange.


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The Clockwork Vampire

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