Larry had just found the love of his life only to discover immediately afterward that he is terminally ill with cancer. Not wanting to die and to leave the love of his life, he decides to have himself cryogenically frozen after death in the vague hope that maybe someday he would live again and be with his young wife once more. After passing away on March 24, 2024, Larry’s hopes turn out to be realized when a wealthy benefactor in the future has him revived from the dead in the year 2084, a world suffering from overpopulation, climate change and massive inequality, and where the majority of the population have retreated into simulated reality.

But as Larry becomes the first person to ever be successfully resurrected from the dead he could provide hope to a world that death is not the end, and that perhaps everybody could potentially live forever, but would that be the best thing for a world that is already suffering from overpopulation far beyond what is capable of supporting, and will his resurrection from the dead prove to be permanent or just a brief return before once more returning to the world of the dead?


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The Second Short Life of Larry Sanders

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